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Although I have trained in many mediums, I am a ceramic artist at heart and love working with clay. In my two-dimensional work, I tend to draw patterns with repetitive lines.

The act of drawing these is more about time and process than the end product and these patterns can then be transferred onto my three-dimensional ceramic pieces.

Most of my work focuses on putting detailed texture on the exterior of my forms to create an added tactile experience during use. I love creating functional pieces that are fun to use and hold.


Painted Facade

As a student at the Shenandoah Valley Governor's School in the Visual Arts program, I completed a capstone in my senior year. This project was designing and painting the facade pipes at St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church in Staunton, Virginia.

This project won Best Arts Capstone in 2017.

The project totaled over 200 hours of design work, metalwork, painting, gilding, stencils, and installation. The large design on the tallest pipes - which are 16 feet tall - is the original 1910 design recovered after sanding down layers of paint.

Final product finished in 2017.

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