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Academic Projects

Earning my bachelor's in Art & Music Histories and Communication Sciences and Disorders, I put a creative spin into all my work.

The Thames Tunnel

Created at the start of the pandemic for a class called Underground London. 

I went home to Virginia mid-way through a semester abroad in London. This was my final project for the class after everything became remote.

J.W.M. Turner & Damien Hirst

I conducted extensive research on Turner and Hirst as part of another class I took in London.

This art history research highlights the impact these prolific artists had on the art world.

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Music in Movies: Writing Portfolio

After finding my voice in writing, I analyzed the use of music in film. 

This portfolio consists of three short essays and a letter to my professor. 

  • "Deafening Silence" discusses a specific scene in "The Artist."

  • "An Accompaniment for Grief" addresses the use of opera in "Philadelphia" and "A Single Man."

  • "Reclaiming the Past" is about love and grief in "Call Me By Your Name."  

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Hip Hop and the NBA

Screen Shot 2022-04-29 at 3.56.56 PM.png

That's the way to do it

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From Dollywood to Drag

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